Grey Water Could Help You

By Mikayla Fenech

What Is It Good For?

Grey water is good for multiple things that could really save you money or keep you healthy due to the following reasons….

· If you start using grey water you would be saving 5000litres of precious drinking water. Imagine the money you could be saving and all the water everyone will have left.

· If everyone started using grey water you wouldn’t have to worry about droughts and everyone will live with one less natural disaster to worry about.

· Grey water is good because not only does it make the plant grow faster it keeps the plant healthy. Due to my research I have figured out that grey water nourishes the plant because of the natural ingredients in the detergent, for example I found out that some plants grow faster if citrus is added to them.

Please if are considering having a grey water system in your home make sure that you are following the guidelines set by the council to ensure that you are doing the best and caring for your future…..