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Feudalism Sweeps Europe!

A new technique called "feudalism" is taking control of Europe. Along with it is something called manorialism. These basically mean that you can get this plot of land called a manor for doing something like joining the military. You're now considered a lord. You can then sell parts of your land to others, making them vassals. But, let's say you're a vassal. Well, you can become a lord by giving parts of the land YOU were given to others. Confusing, huh? But, with your land, you get whatever serfs were living on it. Serfs work the land for you. That's all we know currently. More on this story as it develops.

Mystery Plague Obliterates Iberian Peninsula!!!!!


is in terror as a fatal pestilence captures innocent people and turns them into MONSTERS! Black skin, raving lunacy, lumps the sizes of apples or eggs~and we're all powerless to stop it. The worst part is, no one is safe. Women, children, nobles, and even priests are getting it. So far, the only place it hasn't hit is Milan. The king claims that it's because their people all carried ostrich feathers with them, so carry those feathers!
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Another Crusades Occurs.

*sigh* We still haven't won Jerusalem back from the Muslims, so we're doing....what is this, the fifth Crusades? Seventh? Either way, we've won our visiting rights back, isn't that enough?!?! I know losing's no fun, but you need to accept it: we're not getting that land. Leave well enough alone already!

Nobody Expects a Spanish Inquisition!

Ferdinand and Isabella have started this thing called the Spanish Inquisition. It's meant to purify Spain. Even converses are in peril. Especially the Jews. No one seems to like the Jews very much. They torture people on the rack, which'll rip you in half, and the strapella, which'll rip your arms out! Somehow, this makes people miraculously see the light. Expulsions, and occasionally deaths, have occurred.
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Get Me to Church on Time! (Literally)

The church has officially shown that they're the ones in power. They just EXCOMMUNICATED a KING! No way are we messing with them!