Middle Colonies

The 17th &18th Century Colonies

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Government of Middle Colonies

They have a mix of town meetings and the House of Burgesses type government

New York

It was a Dutch colony before they surrendered it over to the English. It was surrendered in 1664 and immediately named after James, Duke of York, king Charles the II's brother. They thrived mainly on trading. They were of many faiths. Algonquian are the only mention of Native Americans I can find...

New Jersey

Founded in 1664 by Lord Berkeley and sir George Carteret. They were mostly a Quaker colony with a few Puritans or Separatist along the way. Shipbuilding and trading is how they made their economy. The Indian tribe found in New Jersey was the lenni Lenape (original people)


William Penn founded the proprietary colony of Pennsylvania in 1681. It is Majority Quaker religion. They made their money off of farming, timber, shipbuilding, and fishing. There was a grand total of six tribes in the Pennsylvania colony: The Erie tribe, the Iroquois tribe, the Lenape tribe, the Munsee tribe, the Shawnee tribe, and the Susquehannock tribe.


Founded in 1638 by Peter Miniut and the New Sweden company. There was no specific religion in Delaware. Economy was based around farming, especially wheat. The Lenape and the Powhatan tribes are the two tribes that resided in Delaware.