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The Verifiable Truth About where you

This is analogous in language comprehension, in which the first episodes of a word or an abbreviation are most characteristic. And the fact that fewer syllables to point out a word that sounds as a melody, the reason could be that texts are easier to where you remember. In one study, Costa et al. How much text you can maintain listening to a pop music song in memory and whether the aesthetic and emotional judgment of music varies with it.

The astonishing result was that the subjects after the audition of a song only. (For a song with a complex musical structure four instruments) or. Of the text could play. The memory for lyrics when listening to a song is very bad. In assessing the pleasure of a song, it is very important that we hear a voice, but it seems as if the semantic part of the language is not so important as the vocal prosodic.

So crucial is not what someone is singing, but that and how someone sings something. One remembers therefore very little text, when you hear a song. But how it behaves when one is faced with the task as much as possible to remember to text? In many experiments, a difference in the ability of memorizing of spoken and sung text, with a Commemorative Legend awareness of the sung, festgestellt. Kilgour et al suggest, however, that where you this could be an artifact of the fact that the sung text in slower speed.

In any case, music can help to ensure that a text you memorize better. Music can create both emotions and express (Juslin& Sloboda). One of the reasons why listening to music is that it strengthens emotional states and so has a psycho hygienic function. Not only because it is extremely important for the economy and the advertising is based on has been explored in full detail which emotional states can be caused by what kind of music.

Just think of the functional music in department stores (Muzak), in which, for example, omitted dissonances and a low noise level is selected to place the consumer in a relaxed atmosphere, so they stay longer and where you therefore buy more. First detailed research into the subject text and emotion made Stratton and Zalanowski in which they examined the differential impact of music and text on the emotional sensations resulting. Their results suggested that in the generation of the overall impression where you of a song, the text is more important than the music.
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