The Town of Opieo

Not responsible for any deaths because of oxygen loss.

Because we are on the moon.

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P.J. D. Gorilla

First thing to know, Our Town ANTHOM



Located on the moon



Plz try our delicious food



We're not crazy



The goverment is just lazy

Second thing to know, All Our building locations

Middle of town circle triangle- P.j.D Gorilla Statue

Crepanue - Bowl a goal

Unicorn lane - Fatter up and Trust the pig

Something Avenue - Game go and We like putts

Yagmai lane - Trust the pig and Jimbos Jambere

Pie street - Boring space

Pi Street - Oldberries & noble and Food Midget

And The Third and last thing to know... Oxygen Cost!

1 day- $ 5

5 day-$ 20.56

10 day-$ 50.99

1 year- One more cent then you have

About Our Buildings

Of course we had to put a statue of our founder, P.J. D. Gorilla, the monkey. It's the biggest thing in town, for honor, of course.

Next, we have Jimbos Jambere, his food is so good that Earth's restaurants import food from him! Such as the UFL (undefined flying lobster), and many more! We've got Chinese food, American food, African food (lions, tigers, zebras, and giraffes), English food (mostly their chocolate), and wild lamas!

Our most sad building is Boring Space, our office building where the normal things work.

Bowl a Goal is the awesomest sports place we have! You can bowl or play football, soccer, or basketball! Best of all every food or drink you order comes in a bowl! Especially Coke.

That's all I'm gonna tell you, you just have to find out the rest for yourself!

Our Government

Our mayor: A random hobo that was a friend to P.J. D. Gorilla

His secretary: Just look below

His wife: No one cares about her

Our Military and Security

Thank You For Printing this flyer!