Smore Project

Raymond Preston

Manifest Destiny Interpretation (From Top Right)

The sun going down represents that the troubles are over for the east, and that the new problems will arise in the west. The boats in the river represents the industrial revolution, as well as the train. The bison and people represent farmers. The lady represents Colombia, and I think it may be California, because the gold rush in California. The people with horses and pickaxes are miners. The stage coach represents people moving west. The Indians and buffalo represent what is getting pushed out of the east. The black smoke represents death.
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Four Trails West

California Trail- Gold Seekers.

Oregon Trail- Travel

Mormon Trail- Religious Freedom

Santa Fe Trail- Trading Trail

Texas Revolution

Settlers moved to Texas for free land. In the Battle of the Alamo, a group of Texan defenders held up in the Alamo for 14 days, until Mexico murdered all of the defenders in the Alamo. The battle of San Jacinto was a quick battle, where the Mexican army was surrounded by General Sam Houston's army and Gen. Santa Anna was forced to sign a peace treaty for Mexico.
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Mexican-American War

The causes of the Mexican-American war was that there was no clearly defined border for either country, tensions were raised with the Texas revolution, Gen. Zachary Taylor was sent down to settle the dispute and offer to buy New Mexico, but Mexican Troops attacked Zachary Taylor and his army. In the Bear Flag Revolt, Americans declared that California would be independent from Mexico. When the war ended, with the treaty of Guadalupe

Hidalgo, the United States gained New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah from Mexico, which increased the size of the US by 25%. We also payed Mexico 15 Million for the land. In the Gadsden Purchase the US purchased Arizona and New Mexico off of Mexico.

Performance Writing

People go to California for many reasons. Some go because they need a fresh start. Others go because they want to get rich. Some go because they have a taste for exploring. Some go because they want to live a happy life. People go to California for many reasons, but they rarely do any return home rich.