Schimelpfenig Middle School

Mrs. Kendrick's ELA Class


Open House

Tuesday, Sep. 6th, 6:30pm

2400 Maumelle Drive

Plano, TX

You will be following your child's schedule, so please make sure that you have his/her schedule.


In this lesson, students will listen to stories of Jon Scieszka’s childhood as told through his book Knucklehead.

This lesson is aligned with the Writing Workshop memoir writing lesson so that students can hear examples of memoirs while they are engaging as writers in the same genre.

Library on Wednesday

What Makes a Memoir

This lesson introduces the concept of memoir as a genre of writing and makes distinctions between memoir and autobiography.

Students will consider the thoughts and feelings and insights that make memoir a unique reading experience and will read two memoirs from Gary Paulsen’s My Life in Dog Years as models for these understandings.

Writing Workshop #1

The purpose of this lesson is for students to begin creating short drafts of several of their writing ideas. These first drafts will be used later in the unit as students start to select and craft a final Level 5 memoir; but for now, these early drafts will serve as first attempts at putting some ideas down on paper.