India's Culture

By Brian C, Stephanie K, Jacob K, Kerri H, and Diego S


If you could travel back to ancient times, where would you go? Ancient India is the top civilization to visit, considering their astonishing culture and history. They had several generations of the Chandra Gupta's, their rulers. The grandson of Chandragupta was Ashoka, and he ruled from 273-232 BCE. He ruled for 40 years. The two main religions are hinduism and buddhism. There were many leaders and philosophers in Ancient India. They had built some of the worlds first universities, which only men could attend(unless you were a daughter of a teacher). Also, they were very advanced in medicine, and were the first to know that open injuries could be infected, and if bad enough, fatal. Also in the Gupta empire math had been also very advanced. The Arabic numerals 1-9 had been named that since the europeans borrowed it from the arabs, but the part that was left out was that the arabs took that from the Indians. Finally, Aryabhata was a great scholar. He calculated PI, realize why the moon shines at night, and many other great achievements.

How did religion control or influence their lives?

Religion influenced their life because they followed many rules and traditions. In the Buddhism religion, they followed the belief of having a vegetarian lifestyle. After the battle of Kalinga, over 100,000 civilians and soldiers were killed, the leader, Ashoka, wanted a calm and peaceful lifestyle. In the Hinduism religion, it controlled what they wore. Them too, practiced a vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. Religion influenced mostly the same things as it does today.

How does religion impact lives in the modern world [USA]?

Religion impacts the modern day world everyday on a daily basis. It impacts beliefs, decisions, rights, responsibilities and much more. Religion impacts the modern day world about the same way as it impacted ancient India. In India, religion could decide a few more things. There were different religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, there were also smaller religions. In the modern day world around us there are religions like Christianity and Judaism. In both India and the modern day world around us, religion applies to every action we make.

Stories & Literature ~ Brian C

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Religion ~ Kerri H

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Thinkers, Philosophers, Inventors, and Scientists ~ Jacob K

Great Leaders and Government Officials ~ Diego S

Ancient India's Battles and War History ~ Stephanie K

Ancient India's Battles and War History-Kologrivov

Conclusion ~ Diego S

Through all of our aspects we have proved how superior Classical India is. From religion, to rulers, to major battles, India has been proven to be the best. So many things introduced from India is still used today. Some examples of things that originated in India that we use today are are numbers, medicine, math, science and geography. India made many accomplishments with their great leaders too. The reign of the Gupta Empire was known as the golden age in Classical India! Samudragupta conquered nearly 20 smaller kingdoms, India would only have been ⅓ of its size if it would not have been for Samudragupta. With all of the accomplishments and similarities with our modern world India has been proven to be the best.