A Rape on Campus

By Dillon Rainbolt

How the Article Shows Empathy

This article shows empathy in only a few parts. Most of the article does not show empathy.

It shows empathy when the boy is hesitant to rape the girl but he ends up doing it anyways because the other boys pressure him into it. It is still very wrong that he rapes her but it does show a little empathy towards the girl. It also shows empathy when she finds her friends and two of the friends do not show empathy while she only has one friend that actually treats her as a friend. I felt empathy for this girl throughout the entire article. I felt disgusted and helpless as I read through and I wished that I could do something to help even though there was nothing.

1. One major issue is under aged drinking and how she thought she would have to make people believe she was drinking just to be "cool"

2. Another major issue that this article brings up is peer pressure. Peer pressure is used when they make the boy put the beer bottle inside of the rape victim.

3. It is also a huge problem when her friends debate on bringing her to the hospital just because they will not be aloud into any more frat parties.

1. I did not understand how or why they would rape somebody in the first place but then after that I can't find the reasoning behind them making a boy do it even though he did not want to.

2. I could not understand how the party went on and didn't get stopped. It makes me wonder and think how many time something like this has happened during a college party.

3. I did not understand how her friends could not come to the decision immediately to take her to the hospital and snitch on the people that brutally raped her.

1. Tantamount- equal in seriousness

"Jackie's closest friends see her going public at tantamount to betrayal."

2. Affluent- having a lot of money (especially in a group)

"attract affluent students" I feel like the students fell they can do anything just because their parents have money.

3. Enthralled- captured the fascinated attention of.

"Wahoos are enthralled to be at UVA"