Free Jewels for Fall!

Who's ready to SELL SELL SELL in July?!

Want to Win $100 Gift Card?!

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YES!! Here's How!

For every $500 you sell between July 1st and 15th, your name will be entered into a draw to win one of two $100 Stella & Dot gift certificates! It's just that easy!

AMAZING!! Now Let's Brainstorm Ways to Sell!!

1. Let's Maximize Our Dot Dollars!

Have you thought about how you'll maximize the amazingness that is Dot Dollars next month? Between July 3rd and 11th, we have the opportunity to get our summer off to a rocking start, and I'd love to see just how successful we can all be!

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How to Follow-Up!

Home Office will mail you a list of all the Dot Dollars your customers earned in the month of June in the first few days of July. With this list, reach out personally to your customers and encourage them to take advantage of this amazing offer! You can touch base via email before the 3rd to remind them about the promo and let them know that you're there to help them if they need anything, and again by telephone a few days before the 11th if they haven't redeemed yet! Here's a sample email I'll be sending:

Hey _________!

It was so great to meet you last month, at ____________'s trunk show! I hope your new jewels are bringing some sparkle to your summer wardrobe!

It's Dot Dollar redemption week, and I just wanted to reach out to see if you have any questions about how you can shop for half off? I will happily place your order for you, or guide you through the online process if you're already tech saavy!

Take a minute to check out our online catalogue, and see if anything catches your eye! All our gorgeous sale jewels are included in this promo too, so it's an amazing time to get a crazy deal! Just to refresh your memory, for every $50 spent between July 3rd and 11th, you can redeem one $25 Dot Dollar certificate! Just in case you missed the email from home office, here are your promo codes:


Can't wait to hear from you!

Christine :)

2. Let's Book Some Trunk Shows!

With the focus on June's amazing promos, sometimes booking trunk shows for July can get away from us! Take a minute to check out SDU, and Danielle's best tips for booking in tight! There's still plenty of time to get a show or 2 on the books for early July, and with Dot Dollars and our amazing sales, you have even more to offer potential hostesses!

Let's Blitz! Partner up to participate in your own booking blitz! Find a like-minded gal (you know, one who loves free jewels!) and make a plan to reach out to 20 customers each! Reward yourselves for nos, and for yeses too! Report your successes on the Couture Club Facebook page so that we can all cheer you on!

Christine Ormond

Independent Stylist & Star Director