Melanie Mae Gould

My Personality

My Personality Type

Through the personality tests that i have taken, i have dicovered im a brown.

The strengths of being a brown

1.Responsible 2. Efficient 3.Natural leader 4.Good sense of homor 5. Enthusiastic aned energetic

The Animal In Me...

When I took the animal in me test, I discovered I was a wild dog. The wild dog is phsically more powerful than the average dog.It is difficult to describe the dog's personality without explaining it in terms of its pack of friends.The wild dogs sees itself as a member of a social team that depends on constant bonding and cooperation.

Careers I Would Excel In

The animal in me test, showed me a list of careers i could excel in.  1.Policework  2. Engineer  3.Military  4. Journalist

My great and inspirational influnce!!!

My influence on the class includes being a natural leader and  having a positive attitude. I am also energetic and enthusiastic. I will make sure we do any task you give us and do it well and on time.

Hobbies I Would Be Good At

I would excel at running, writing, horse back riding, and surfing the net.