Nice to Meet You

It was so great meeting you last night!

I would love to set up a time to meet up and hear more about you and what you do.

I have attached a video so you can see more of what the IDLife movement is all about. We are having an event in Murfreesboro Friday @7pm (there will be healthy snacks for those who RSVP) and I would love for you to be my guest. One last thing, need your help on some research I am working on.

If you had to choose ONE of the following issues relating to health, which ONE would you be most interested in improving?

A - Better energy

B - Better and/or more sleep

C - Weight Loss or Weight Management

D - Breaking through plateaus when working out or training

E - Improving your skin tone and quality

F - Improving overall nutrition or health (filling in the gaps in your diet)

G - Better nutrition for your children

All you have to do is simply reply back and let me know. :)

I read each and every message. Promise!

You rock! Thank you!

Jenny Lashuay


Welcome to IDLife