Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers

Here in Vietnam its kill or be killed


This book is about a guy named Richie Perry. Perry came from fort Devens in Texas and was sent to Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam. On one of the patrols that perry went on he saw a guy from his group get blown up by a land mine. Perry and a friend named Peewee from his were on a run with their squad. When they to back to their barracks peewee had a hair growth formula. Perry s group was sent to secure a camp that the Vietcong had took. They were sitting behind the camp when they the Vietcong in one of the huts. Sergeant Simpson set off a flare and they all started to fire. When they started to leave Lieutenant Carroll got shot by a Vietcong. The medic couldn't find where the bullet hit lieutenant Carroll because he was shot in the armpit. When they got a new lieutenant they went on a patrol. They were walking up a hill and the Vietcong had a surprise attack waiting. When the Vietcong attacked perry was sent down the hill from a blast and he was hit in the wrist and leg. He was sent to a hospital where he met a nurse that Perry met at fort devens.

Why I chose this book

I chose this book because the things that the characters went through on a daily basis.

my favorite part

My favorite is when Perry found the nurse that he met at fort devens. He found her at a hospital in Chu Lai.

My opinion of the book

My opinion of this book is that if you are into things about the Vietnam war you would like this book.

likes and dislikes

One reason I liked the book was because the conditions and the fighting seemed realistic. Another reason l liked the book is because it is about Vietnam. I did not have any dislikes of the book.
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who this book is for

This book would be good for people who are into war stories or for people who are into the Vietnam war.