AP World history

Ukranian Revolution

Why did they revolt ?

Ukraine wanted to start a relationship with the European Union (EU), and this relationship would help with a lot of debt that Ukraine had required. At the last minute the the president of Ukraine backed out of the deal with the (EU), and the people spoke up and revolted.

How did the revolt start ?

It started with a peaceful protest from the people, but then the government officials started all of the violent attacks on the people, and in return the people attacked back.

How did they overthrow the government ?

  • Protesting (Peaceful)
  • Riots
  • Civil disobedience

How did the government respond ?

The government sent out all of the military forces to take care of the protesters and all of the riots.

How was the government the same of different following the revolution ?

The government went through with the deal with (EU) after the revolution was finished.

What was the lasting impact of the revolution on the people ?

the lasting impact is Russia ended up having conflict with Ukraine.

General information about the revolution

The revolution started on : Feb 18, 2014

The revolution only lasted 5 days in total

The revolution took place in :Kiev, Ukraine - Instytutska St

Who revolted ?

The people of Ukraine

Key quotes - Unknown

The old bastions of the post-communist regime collapsed before my very eyes. The monsters who had kept Ukraine in a criminal state left the stage.

We will fight and defend my good name in the European court. We have to be strong and defend Ukraine from this authoritarianism.