Always, Abigail

By : Nancy J. Cavanaugh / Anthony Tassone

Main Characters:

Abigail - A girl who wants to fit in all the time. She is so eager to be popular in middle school. She loves the pom-pom squad. She has the best friends ever.

Gabby - She is known as the school outcast. She has no friends and gets made fun of constantly. She lives with her brother in a mobile home. Her mom sadly died when she was young, and her dad is in jail.

AlliCam - Technically they are two different people but they are known as AlliCam. These two are Abigail's best friends. They both stick with Abigail all the time and never want to be apart. They are all best friends forever.

Story Overview :

Abigail is coming into the 6th with her best friends Cami and Alli. They all are very eager to to be famous in middle school as many were as well. They want the fame and fun of middle school. What they don't know is that middle school isn't as easy going as it may seem. Are these girls ready to take on the challenges that middle school gives them?
Always Abigail Book Trailer

Book Reviews :

This book was outstanding! I thought the balance of emotion and drama was perfect! I highly recommend this book! This book gives you the lesson of never take someone for granted. Always be there for someone who needs you and wants you.
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