ACE Special Leadership Edition

January 6, 2016

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Dear Awesome ACE Principals,

Happy New Year! There are so many priorities right now, but as Paul Bambrick asserts, none as powerful as using our data to guide instruction. It is our #1 lever for increasing student achievement. With that said, please take some time to review this email with your leadership team and talk through your action plans based on the ACP data. Please consider:

  • What systems do you have in place for teacher support?
  • What progress monitoring tools are you using for students?
  • How are you carefully tracking readiness standards?
  • How are you compensating for the needs within struggling classrooms?

ACP Analysis & Action Plans

Action Plan: Please complete the tasks below. This process is meant to not only assist you in analyzing your data, but to also help you see the impact of teaching and learning from the first semester. All items due at data meeting, January 15th.

  1. Tier teacher support needed based on Percent Passing ACP data and create a (specific) Support Action Plan for teachers.
  2. Revise/adjust "STAAR Tutoring and Intervention Action Plan" (include during the day support and after school support, schedules and monitoring plans).
  3. Review data tracking to ensure all STAAR areas have carefully tracked readiness standards that demonstrate longitudinal data from interims, ACP and reteach/retest sessions, submit copies.
  4. Review student profiles to ensure all are updated with interim assessment and ACP scores, as well as interventions, sample share copies and the process teachers use with data.

This year we have talked several times about progress monitoring on three levels - school level, classroom and student. We sent teacher profile sheets to assist with data systems and also saw some great examples in action at Blanton. Now is the time our processes should be fine-tuned for effectiveness.

As you reflect on your school-wide system, consider these questions:

  1. How are teachers using the profile pages that we created and emailed, or another type that you provided? Tracking their class rosters for interim progress, ACP, attendance and interventions is a must. What about adding 8-10 key readiness standards?
  2. How are teachers using the SE booklets we shared? After facilitating a quality lesson cycle with multiple strategies and strong engagement, are teachers studying the STAAR released question stems within the booklets to ensure everyday ends with 2-4 STAAR aligned questions? (Daily short practice is so much more effective than long days of silent drill --- this is a powerful practice.)
  3. Are students profiling their assessment data, reflecting, goal setting, then engaging in new learning and reassessing? All 3rd - 8th grade students should profile STAAR tested areas. You may use the Lead4ward profile, or view the one linked here that was given as a sample, by our Assistant Superintendent.

State of Schools

A team from Teaching and Learning will visit each campus with our Assistant Superintendent. Here is our proposed agenda:

  • 10 minutes: Principal presents quick overview of the CIP Key Actions

  • 15 minutes: Principal presents ACP data – weaknesses by content, grade level, teacher, student group and then corresponding intervention plans (artifacts on display in data room).

  • 40 minutes: T&L pairs with campus team members and divides into content areas and complete instructional rounds

  • 15 minutes: All reunite and share findings to give principal input and offer resources

  • 15 minutes: Principal and team craft next steps

Other Instructional Considerations:

  1. Please review Failure Rates and make sure the campus plans were implemented. Let's review effectiveness and revise as needed. Click here for the intervention plan.
  2. The Midyear Process, please click here for documents and details:
  3. Attendance and discipline: please make sure you are getting weekly reports and have assigned team members to follow-up and improve.

Torsh Data Meeting Video

Don't forget to submit your Torsh video of a data analysis meeting with your team by January 15th.

Torsh Leadership Assignment: Data Analysis Meeting

Teaching Trust-BRES Framework

Teaching Trust will be back to assess how we are progressing with the BRES Framework.

We are looking forward to marked improvement with ratio and stretch it in our classrooms!

Feeder Meeting - January at Umphrey Lee Elem. --- Back on the 28th as previously scheduled! :30 AM

Agenda TBA

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Parent Conferences