Buc's Bulletin

Our Weekly Class Newsletter May 9th to May 13th

A Note from Mrs. Buc

Wow, it really is May and we are in the home stretch of 2nd grade! Next week, we have more fun planned with Young Authors' Night, Book Fair, Pajama Day and more! It looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend so I hope you enjoy it!

Shabbat Shalom!!


Important Dates

5/16: Book Fair Begins for this week! Book Fair News

We are looking forward to a groovy book fair throughout the week of May 16! Students will have the opportunity to shop during a designated time as a class. Additionally, students are welcome to bring in money and shop the book fair as early as 7:30 starting May 17th as well as independently during their recess time. Peace, love, and books.

5/17- science test over vertebrates

5/18- Young Authors' Night, 6 PM

5/19- Pajama Day

5/23: End of the Year Math Assessment from 8 -10 am (please make sure your child is on time to school)

5/24: Field Day

5/30: Memorial Day

6/1: Field Trip to Animal Safari- more details to follow

6/3- last day of school and noon dismissal

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

We took our last vocabulary test this week! Yeah! In grammar, we learned about adverbs, when to add commas in our writing and dictionary skills. Our story this week was called Two of Everything. It is a Chinese folktale about a couple that finds a magic pot and when one item is put in the pot, two items come out! We practiced cause and effect relationships in the story. We were hard at work all week adding pictures to our autobiographies! Only 2 more school days until we get to show off with pride our wonderful books!


This week we began a new unit with multiplication! The kids were very excited! First, we made a pamphlet showing that multiplication is repeated addition, skip counting, and we can draw an array to find the answer to a problem. We learned tricks for the 0's and 1's and made flashcards for the 2's facts. The students will be making flashcards of the facts we learn in class each day and keeping them in a baggie which will stay in their homework folder. Please encourage your child to practice those flashcards for at least 5 minutes each night. They will start coming home Monday night.


Dear 2nd grade parents,

The celebrations for יום העצמאותYOM HAATZMAUT were so much fun!

We learned how important Israel is to every Jewish person.

Here is our vocabulary for the holiday:

--symbol (SEMEL)סֵמֶל - star of David (magen david)מָגֵן דַּוִּד - Israel Defense Force (TZAHAL)צַהַ"ל - Jerusalem (YERUSHALAYM)יְרוּשָׁלַיִם - Falafelפָלָאפֶל

Shabbat shalom,

Galia Sabbag


We had fun classifying animals into the 5 vertebrate groups. Also, we watched some fun videos and reviewed for our test. Next week, we will test and then learn about invertebrates!

Snapshots of our Week