Land in South Africa

Honors English 10

Written by: Adams Zelaya

Africa is a place that has many locations of beautiful lands where there are many animals that roam these magestic locations. South Africa has a total land area of about 2.5 million kilometers. It is 1/8 the size of the US but still twice the size of France! South Africa's coastline stretches more than 1,553 miles! South Africa contains two major rivers; the Limpopo river, and the Orange rivers. South Africa can be a very hot and arid place, especially with the deserts that they have, but their mountains can be very ice during the winter as well. South Africa has has many mountains that can reach high altitudes such as the Table Mountains that reach a height of 3,558 feet, the Spion Kop mountains that reach a total height of 4,790 feet, and the Mafadi mountains that reach a outrageous height of 11,319 feet! South Africa shares a borders with Namibia and Botswana while on dry land going from west to east. South Africa has three capitals; Capetown, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria. South Africa has 3 major biomes, the Savanna Biome, the Thicket Biome, and the Grassland Biome.