What is the most common practice and is it helpful?

Resource #1 University of New Hampshire Health Services

Hypnotherapy is the practice of using an altered state of consciousness for therapeutic purposes. Research shows that hypnosis can relieve a wide variety of health issues, physical or mental. They believe that it quiets the conscious, which reveals the unconscious mind to become at ease and opens up to suggestion and change. Forces the shaping of behavior and other problems. They claim to be safe and effective but in the wrong hands, it could lead to harmful effects. Lists a bunch of myths about hypnosis.
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Connections to Color Chart

Blue: people who are emotional should try it because it may help with embedded feelings.

Orange: people who want to experience things and try something new and fun.

Resource #2 Gordon Emmerson

In this experiment a group of college students in a hypnotherapy class wanted see the differences of indirect hypnotherapy with and without imagery, and which ones were more effect.

Groups: # of Subjects Average Standard Deviation
Control 17 26.94 8.51

Imagery only 17 31.35 11.71

Imagery with hypnosis 17 37.24 10.56

Why hypnotherapy is so good for phobias