Wonders Of India

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Geography Of India

Ever wanted to climb a mountain? Well you are in the right place because there a few mountains in India. Some of the mountains are the Himalayas , Hindu Kush, and Mount Everest. One of the highest mountains are in India! It is Mount Everest, Mount Everest increases 8 km each year in height. Did you know? That Himalayas means " The Home Of The Snows". While you are climbing up the mountain, you can see a breath-taking view! In the lowland region of India, there is fertile soil known as the Alluvial Plain. Also there is the Ganges river, sometimes known as a " As The Holy River". In the lowland of the region there is two gnats, Western and Eastern.

Unique Animals Of India

Love seeing exotic and unique animals? Well here are a few animals, The Royal Bengal Tiger, The Great Indian Lion, and Indian Rhinoceros. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India! They are the 2nd largest subspecies after the Siberian tiger! Did you know? That recent research studies show that they are [ on average ] larger than the Siberian tiger! Next is the The Great Indian Lion, they are the largest of the Indian cats. Sadly there are only 441 left in the wild forest of Junagarh. Finally is the Indian Rhinoceros, which is primarily found in north-eastern India and Nepal. It is confined to the tall grasslands and forests in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Ancient Sites Of India

As you walk through the plains, you are walking through a civilization that was once Harappa. In Harappa they domesticate animals just like sheep, goat, and cattle. Now in days, they are located in Pakistan. What was interesting was that they had large walls, that surrounded the city. They are called citadel, it means a core fortified area. Grains were used and stored in a granary. Other than Harappa, there is another ancient site. Mohenjo Daro modern houses were flat roofs and was made out of mud bricks. Just like Harappa they had walls, but surrounded each neighborhood. Under the streets waste water flowed to the drains. The residents would built large granaries to store food.

India Today

Now that we have talk about ancient civilization, now its time to talk about India today. Today in India they have problem of over populations. Also that in the past India only 4 out of 10 kids got to go to primary school! Now in India 8 out of 10 kids get to go to primary school. Sadly the river has gotten more waste than ever and is very not good to drink water from it. Today in India has gotten over one billion, they have grew more than eighteen million! Some people estimate that by 2050, that India will number some 1.5 billion. Another is that India will surpassed the population of China, which is the biggest population of the whole wide world!

Thing To Do In India: Taj Mahal

Things to do India is seeing the Taj Mahal because it is one of the seven wonders of the world! Some people might even say breath-taking because a poet named Rabindranath Tagore described it like this " a teardrop on a cheek of eternity" . Don't forget to retrieve your 500mL bottle of water and shoe covers [is included in the Taj ticket price]. Also don't forget to because you can get a small reduction when visiting Agra Fort and the others. It was made by 20,000 men and every piece was handmade. The Taj Mahal took a very long time to make about 1 or 2 years.
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Traveling Tip For Going To India

Planning to go to India? Well here are few tips to get around India. First is make sure you take your shoes off because that could make a good impression when entering a home. Next is watching those feet and hands because are considered uncleaned in India. So if you touch something with your feet, it is appropriate to say sorry. Sometimes you think a taxi cab will come in five minutes, but you find yourself waiting an half of an hour. That means getting around can get be longer than expected. Also don't buy things that are to good to be true because they might be scams. Be prepared for lots of noise because it might be loud as an earthquake. Might hear the engine roaring and lots of people talking. At least you get a little privacy.
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