Magnificent or Malicious?

President Jackson-Questionable or Exceptional Antics

Background Information

  • President Jackson was born in March 15, 1767
  • As a child his hate for the British was developed when they took him prisoner of war
  • Jackson path to presidency was by being a voice of the commoners

Policies: Magnificent and Malicious


Jackson was magnificent and promoted democracy by giving the commoners a voice. Before Jackson, the commoners were regarded as an unintelligent and meaningless social group and their desires weren't considered in the government. Jackson also disbanded the federal bank. The federal bank was unfair to the farmers-it was only beneficial for the rich. Finally, Jackson promoted democracy by compromising with the South on the tariff and calming what could have been a disaster.


Jackson was malicious and didn't promote democracy by the removal of the Indians. His treatment of them was unnecessarily cruel. Also, not attempting to settle on a treating wasn't promoting democracy. Jackson also overrode the checks and balances system by ignoring the Supreme Court's ruling on the Indian treaty. Finally, Jackson created the spoils system which rewarded political supporters. This wasn't democratic because it only represented his demographic.

Magnificent or Malicious?

I believe Jackson was a both magnificent and malicious. He did a lot of good, but he did some rotten things too. I think he had good intentions, just a faulty moral compass. Jackson will always be magnificent for being the commoner's voice and malicious for driving the Indians out.

By Casey Nichols