industrial revolution

hailie dottry

what was the industrial revolution and where did it began?

The industrial revolution was when machinery was introduced to factories and when workers had poor working conditions. The industrial revolution began in Great Britten

How did the Industrial Revolution Make Life Better and What is One Invention From the Industrial Revolution and who Invented it?

The Industrial Revolution gave way to the Steam Engine which opened up jobs for mining coal to power the Steam Engine. Factories no longer relied on the river. One invention from the Industrial Revolution is the Steam Engine George Stephen invented the Steam Engine.

What Were Working Conditions Like During the Industrial Revolution and what were the Child Labor Conditions Like?

There was child labor during the Industrial Revolution. In coal mines people had candles on their heads around explosives. They had to run after they lit the dynamite. They could lose fingers and tows with what they did with the machines. A child might work in a factory from 12-18 hours a day. Children start to work in from when they were six. Children that worked in coal mines were in charge of lighting the dynamite. Children worked from 50-70 hours a week.