5th Grade Warriors

We are proud! We are Winfield! We are WARRIORS!

September 19th-23rd


This week in reading we will be beginning our first official unit. This unit will focus on readers making ambitious goals for their reading lives, so they can make enormous growth. We will begin to challenge the readers to think deeply and write thoughtfully about their reading. During this unit they will be working in book clubs with their peers to encourage each other and support each other in meaningful conversations about their books. I am very excited to see the amazing growth that will be happening!


The students are finishing up the final touches on their first writing pieces. This week we will fully publish our writing and begin our first official unit in writing! In this unit, the students will be all writing personal narratives. A small moment story about an important time in their lives.


The first half of the week will be focused on reviewing for our order of operations test that will be on Wednesday! The students are working hard and making great progress. They know all the steps, now we just have to work on taking our time and not making silly calculation errors! Our next unit will be multiplication. We will be teaching the students how to do traditional multiplication with two-digit by two-digit and three-digit by two-digit numbers.

Below is a video that we will be watching to help the students remember the rules and the steps of the process. Feel free to play it as many times as you can stand at home! :)

Order of Operations Song: PEMDAS Hip-Hop Rap

Social Studies

The students did AMAZING on their Midwest states and capitals test! I mean, WOW!!!! It was so fun seeing all their hard work paying off. I appreciate all the work the parents did at home also. This week we are moving on the the Southwest states. There are only four of them, so the next test will be at the end of this week! Keep practicing the Midwest states and capitals at home, they will be tested on those states again, when we add on the Southwest states!

Below is a states and capital video the students can watch.

Tour the States - Official Music Video

Grandfriend's Day

Big shout out to all the Grandfriends that came out last Wednesday. It was so fun meeting everyone and spending some time together! I hope you all had a blast too. Enjoy some of the pictures below!
Big image


  • September 21st - Early Dismissal
  • September 21st - Picture Day!


This year I am trying out using Twitter as another way to stay connected to parents and students. If you or your child have a twitter account, feel free to follow me @MrsBathe20. Twitter also has a private messaging feature to allow another easy way to communicate with each other immediately.