What is going on this December.

Anderson-Shiro News of the Month.


As of December 2 the sophomore class has started their fundraiser for Homecoming. They are selling tickets and taking donations for the annual Homecoming Community Dinner. This year the annual dinner is spaghetti and the class must sell 350 tickets to meet their goal.

The Anderson Community looks forward to the annual dinner, because that is when the whole community gets to come together and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the ever so hard woking school they support every year. The sophomore class is very excited to be hosting the dinner. They are having a great time selling the tickets and collecting donations from the local community stores.

As homecoming gets closer and closer each day it seems there is not enough time to come up with any other great ideas. While the sophomores are working on the dinner the freshmen class is preparing for the homecoming dance. The high school students are anticipating what great ideas the freshmen class has come up with.

Over all the homecoming preparations are being well handled. This years high school homecoming is going to be the best.

The new football field.

Here at Anderson-Shiro Jr./Sr. High School there is some debate over wether or not the school should be constructing a new football field. Majority vote we should not have a new field when we already have a good one still usable.

The athletic department already receives so much of the schools budget and is it or is it not fair to other extracurricular groups. Those in favor of the new field are those who are in sports or support the sports department. Those appose to the construction are the people who believe it is a huge waste of money and the money can be used for other more useful things.

The football field construction should not have started to all the points of views were taken under consideration. This is a reasonable issue that be taken serious.


Although the high school basketball season has not started off well the players are giving their all during practice. Varsity basketball has a season score of 4-8, but that is not stopping hem from go above a beyond to be the best they can. Varsity players Kevin Woods and Nicholas Urqheart are giving their team support by going to every game. The two who recently got injured during the amazing football game are devastated, because they are unable to be part of the team.

While varsity is going through a rough patch j/v players are doing a little better winning more games then they have lost. J/V players are determine to be the best they can to prove they are worth a second look at.

This basketball season is going to have everyone on the edge of their seats due to the fact that the athletic boys always make a comeback when they are not so hot at the beginning. We will have to just wait and a see. Good luck Owls.

Nicholas Urqheart.

Nicholas Urqheart is the most dedicated person to ever meet. He has given his all to everything he does. Recently he was injured in a football game. He hipper extended his knee causing him to tear his ACL, MCL, and Meniscus. Even though this puts a damper on the rest of his sophomore year he doesn't quit doing what he loves to do. Though he cant play the sports he wants, he still attends every game and sends his support by being there. Nicholas Urqheart's passion is basketball. When he found out he needed surgery for the injury he was heartbroken, because he knew he would be out for the whole basketball season.

Today Nicholas is the manager of the high school varsity basketball team giving advice and a few pointers. He is excited for the school year to be over so he can play basketball his junior year.