Internal or External Motivation?

By Jon Buck

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What takes a bigger role in motivation Internal or external?

Internal Motivation seems to be the most powerful type of motivation that one can use to achieve a task they want to achieve. Wether it be a sport, a individual achievement or just about anything that can be self rewarding.

Why Internal Motivation?

- Interal Motivation plays a more powerful role because lets face it, if something needs to be done YOU are the only one who can change something about it. Internal motivation comes from the brain and is usually someone making the decision by themselves, no external motivators.

- Internal motivation primarily comes with a reward which makes completing the task a little easier than doing something that will not benefit you in anyway. This can be anything from doing a chore/job to make extra money, or practicing extra hard in a sport because you want to be the very best and be in shape.

- Internal Motivation is way more powerful than External. Ex ; If you want something done, and you actually want to do it, it is way more likely that it is going to be correctly achieved than if an authority figure or friend tries to have you do something you do not want to do, sometimes even for a money reward.

- One major reason Internal Motivation is more powerful is because often times Internal Motivation is morally right. You feel a certain way about something, and you are going to do something that is right. Often times someone who is a outside motivator may be having you do something morally wrong, or something that only benefits them in one way or another.

- Lastly Internal Motivation comes from within. If you have the idea of achieving something and doing it, that is what YOU want. Do not let anybody else tell you what to do. If your mind tells you do one thing and do it this way than do it, do not let any outside forces affect you.