Hidden Girl

The story of Shyima's enslavement and freedom.


Shyima is a poor Egyptian girl who is very happy with her life, until one day her sister steals from the family that she is enslaved to. her parents send her in her sisters place. To repay the debt Her family sends her in her sisters place. To be a slave to a rich family.


Shyima lives first in Egypt happily with her poor family. She does not want her life to change. Second in the rural area of New York. with her abusive family.

Internal Characterization

At the beginning Shyima is happy and loves her younger siblings. But as her parents give her up to her captors she becomes submissive and tries not to be happy but to just get through the next day. Later in America she only submits more to the power of her captors now that she is the only one "employed".



The state of being a slave


The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Historical connection

In this book it talks about what happened during 9-1. mostly about how Shyima's captors are afraid of their religion. They try to keep it a secret and make their children hide it too.

This relates to 9-11 because of how Arabic people were looke down upon during this time.

It was wrong but still people didn't understand

Man Vs Society

Shyima is caught fighting the social things that keep her down such as how common slavery in Egypt.

Man Vs Man

Shyima is forced to deal with her abusive captors throughout the story.