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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of February 8, 2016

Upcoming Events in February

Feb 8- 2nd Grade Collab and Learning Walks

Feb 8- Report Cards issued

Feb. 8- School Counseling Week

Feb. 9- Skype with author Kathy Duval in Learning Commons

Feb. 10- Imagine Learning Rep visits 2nd grade during collab

Feb 10- PTA Blood Drive

Feb 12- First Grade collab and learning walks

Feb 12- Parent of the Month

Feb 15- Schools Closed for Presidents Day

Feb 16- Red and Pink Day

Feb 17- Scrabble Day

Feb 18- Western Day

Feb 19- Achieve 3000 Rep visit 3-5 during PE in Pirate Room


Feb 19- PTA Bingo 7 pm

Feb 22- PTA program Temples and Tombs

Feb 23- Va Opera 9:30 and 1:45

Feb 25- Adjusted Dismissal

A BIG Thanks To...

A huge thanks to Pam Jones for helping me figure out a way to easily print certificates! Also, thanks to Keisha O’Neal for implementing Gounseling in fourth grade—you are magnificent! And, thank you to the staff for welcoming Blair Owens, my counseling intern from ODU!

Thank you to both Ms. Fox and Ms. Williams for always helping me with the student recognition celebrations! The coffee, milk and paper supplies are a huge help!

Tammy Schubart

Elizabeth Merce, Erica Cleghorn, Amanda Everton may have set a new record for most points (parent engagement) within the first week. Mrs. Merce has already surpassed 10,000 points! Tim from Precious Status

Thank you so much to Crystal, Melissa, Tamyra, Heather, and Angie for making Friday run smoothly with my unexpected surprise! Thank you to my entire Tallwood family for your love and support with Evelyn's arrival. Thank you Justine for jumping in early and taking care of my kiddos and classroom. You all rock and I'm so lucky to have you all in my life! Leanna Landry

Thank you to Mrs. Bergey, Mrs. Klepk, Mrs. Barnes, Mr. Boyer, and Mrs. Cuffee for being so helpful during our ESL testing. Thank you also to Mrs. Spivey and Mrs. Barnes for helping to fill in some of our staffing gaps in special ed. with the loss of Mr. Thirus’ position. Mr. Thirus, thank you for all you have done here at Tallwood! Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Meyer, thanks for being my “Fruit Water Friday” sidekicks! Crystal

Thank you to Justine Pasion- Caiani for stepping in for Leanna and not skipping a beat!

Thank you to Keisha and Tammy for organizing all of the 5th grade middle school referrals!

Thank you to the evening custodial staff for helping to keep my classroom inviting for my students. Heather Wren

KUDOS to Stormy, Rylie, Michelle, Mr. Boyer, and Mrs. Wilkerson for all your help with the ESL ACCESS testing! Everything went smoothly and I feel our students tested well. Thank you! Robin Spruill

Kudos to Keisha O’Neal, she has been steadfastly completing gifted applications (even last minute!) with a positive attitude and smile. Keep up the great work! Amber Nachman

Kudos to Amber Nachman, Diane Dykes, Donna Hart, Denise Hickey, Michael Wesely, Donna Brennan, Tamara Natividad, Angie Clifton, Leanna Landry, Heather Wren, Michelle Hanley, Corie Olenych, Lauren Knoblauch, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Erica Hamilton, Mary Bowen, Nancy Drummond, Vickie Storm, Michelle Klepk, and Tammy Schubart (big lifesaver Wednesday morning). Without all of your time, hard work, and patience through the process especially with a considerable amount of unexpected last minute referral requests, we wouldn’t have been able to process 39 application packets. A very special thank you to Amber Nachman, who even after receiving several last minute request including a request to complete a form at 3:30 on the due date, completed the form for the benefit of her former student. In addition, she was so sweet about it, and was so supportive to me during this stressful process.

Lakeisha O'Neal

A special thank you Rachel Timmons for opening up her room and helping make popcorn for 8 + classes last Friday! Thanks to all of our staff who dropped by and helped also. We made some of our Timberwolves very happy! (And some of our staff too!)

Lindley & Stephanie

This Week's PINS

Happy Birthday!

8-Leslie Brinson

9- Donna Hart

16- Stephanie Slate

18-Rachelle Gray

20- Stormy Bergey

28- Ann Bahr

28 Lauren Knoblauch

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Nine Reasons Educators Should Embrace Change

1. Change is inevitable – Change will happen. When you embrace it, you can influence the direction and outcomes of the change. Change either happens to you or you take ownership of it. The only way we can provide schooling that is relevant is to accept change and learn to grow.

2. You can make a difference – Some people resist change because they believe it won’t matter anyway. But your efforts to embrace change will create better learning opportunities for students. Believe in your ability to use change to make a positive impact.

3. Growth means risk – You can’t grow without risking something. We stay with what’s familiar because we are comforta-ble with it, but that’s not progress. We need to have a growth mindset. When we take this approach, we thrive on taking risks and trying things that aren’t a sure thing. We want to take risks. When we fail, it’s not fatal. It’s just proof we are trying.

4. You can’t expect to do the same thing and get different results – Most every teacher is not entirely satisfied with how students are learning. Most see problems with student motivation or engagement. Is it reasonable to think these issues will improve without changing teaching or education?

5. Giving up "good" can help you find "great." Good is the enemy of great. It is hard to embrace change when things are going well. My test scores are good. I’m a respected teacher. When things are going good, it is hard to see the need for change. But, we should never be satisfied. We should always seek to improve learning for our students.

6. New opportunities are waiting – Letting go is hard but when you step out of your comfort zone, there is potential for in-credible fulfillment and reward. We stand to gain so much for our students and for our own personal fulfillment. Innovation and change starts with a belief that there might be a better way. We have to believe these opportunities await.

7. Personal preferences can be harmful – Some people resist change because of their personal preferences. Even if they see an idea that has the potential to improve for students and learning, they may not embrace it because it makes them uncom-fortable. It’s not what they prefer. Educators cannot afford this mindset. You must be flexible in your state of mind and welcome any opportunity that can move education forward.

8. Your students need to see adaptability. You have the opportunity to model change and innovation for your students. When you are innovative in the classroom, students are more likely to become adaptable innovative learners. These skills will serve them well.

9. Leaders embrace change. Effective leaders embrace change and help others embrace change too. Whether you have a formal leadership position or not, your school needs leaders who are problem solvers and who are willing to try new things. Every person can be a leader. Your words and actions can help positive change occur in your school.


Thanks Parkway ES!

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