People should be caring and trustworthy


Romeo and Juliet, the star-cross lovers. They fell in love at first sight. There was only one problem, Juliet and Romeo's families are longtime enemies. They have to secretly see each other to keep the same attraction they had with each other the first day they met. Juliet's Nurse plays a big role in Romeo's and Juliet's relationship. People should be caring and trustworthy. Throughout this story the Nurse continuously shows her caring nature and trustworthiness to Juliet and also to Romeo.

Act 1, Scene 3

The Capulet's (Juliet's Parents) throws a party for all their family and friends. Juliet's parents have arranged for her to marry Paris, but Juliet is skeptical because she has never done anything like this before. The Nurse and Lady Capulet takes matters into their own hands and tries to convincingly talk to Juliet about Paris, " Nurse. 'No less? Nay, bigger! Women grow by men. Lady Capulet.' Speak briefly, you can like of Paris' love? Juliet. ' I'll look to like, if looking liking more...(1008 lines 104-106)". Juliet is hesitant but she finally comes through and agrees to talk to him with the intention of liking him because she trusts her mother and Nurse.
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Act 2, Scene 4-5

In the story Romeo and Juliet , the Nurse is Juliet's messenger. Juliet sends the Nurse to tell Romeo that he better mean what he said about marrying Juliet and his love for her is truly genuine, " Pray you, sir, a word; and as I told you, my young lady bade me enquire you out. What she bid me say, I will keep to myself; but first let me tell ye, if ye should lead her into a fool's paradise, as behavior, as they say, it were a very gross lend of behavior, as they say; for the gentle woman is young...(1036, lines 167-172)." The Nurse is warning Romeo that he better not back down because if he does Juliet is only a young girl so she will be confused and heartbroken. Nurse is the only one that knows of this, so Juliet has to trust her and believe that she can keep a secret. After this message is sent, Romeo and Juliet wants to get married as soon as possible. The Nurse tells Juliet to quickly go to Friar Laurence where Romeo wants to marry her, "Than hie you hence to Friar Laurence's cell; There stays a husband to make you a wife...Juliet. Hie to high fortune! Honest nurse, farewell, (1040, lines 73-83)". The nurse tells Juliet the news and she responds with excitement and joy. The Nurse and Friar Laurence are the only other people (besides Romeo and Juliet) that knows about Romeo and Juliet's secret marriage.

Act 3, Scene 2

Shortly after Romeo and Juliet's marriage, Mercutio (Romeo's cousin) and Tybalt ( Juliet's cousin) gets into a sword fight and Tybalt ends up killing Mercutio while Romeo is present, so Romeo and Tybalt starts fighting and as a result Romeo kills Tybalt. The Nurse sees that Juliet is weeping with sorrow, so she offers to take Juliet to see Tybalt's dead body,"Weeping and wailing over Tybalt's corse. WIll you go to them? I will bring you thither,"(1055 lines 139-140). The Nurse assumes that is what is wrong with Juliet but what is really causing her pain is hearing about Romeo's banishment .


Throughout the whole story the Nurse shows her mothering nature, trustworthiness, and care for Juliet. Juliet would have not gotten away with some of the things she had done without the Nurse. The Nurse took many harmful risks with Juliet and Romeo, she could have gotten into some serious trouble if the Capulets and known what she was doing. Juliet is very lucky she had the Nurse, " a relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it all you want, but it won't go anywhere."