An Intern's Update

Aaron Jones - Rejoice Ministries International

February 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

I am so sorry it has been so long since you've heard from me, I plan on being much more consistent with my updates. So many awesome things have been happening lately. I am feeling so blessed!

I had an incredible opportunity to go to Guatemala in January! We were there putting on a retreat for single pastors who lead small churches in the rural villages of Guatemala. after the retreat we visited many churches in the mountains, as well as English schools in the city. I went there hoping to be able to serve and bless people, but in the end I was the one who was blessed. It was such an honor to be able to spend time and get to know the men and women serving God so loyally! Many of the pastors have given up life in the city to go out to mountains and preach God's love. They live on dirt floors with nothing, yet they love people so deeply. Words cannot describe how humbling it is to be able to walk along side these people for a short time. I came home with a better understanding of what it truly is to serve and love people. I hope to continue to build relationships in Guatemala, and see what doors God opens!

I have committed to stay here in Nebraska with RMI until September. As I look toward the next six months, I sat down with my mentors and discussed what we want to accomplish. Since I have been praying and seeking council, I have decided that I really want to better equip myself to be able to serve more freely. So what does that look like? As I have continued to grow in my music capabilities, I've had many opportunities to lead worship not only with RMI, but also at my local church, as well as home worship nights and many other spur of the moment worship sessions. But I don't want to stop there! I want to be able to verbally communicate God's love for us through teaching as well. My focus in the

months to come is to be able to share my testimony and my key life messages. I have already started developing my life messages with guidance of my mentor, Dick Dungan. If any of you would like me to share them with you, I would be happy to as I finish them!

I am hoping to go to China this November. RMI will be hosting a men's conference, and I am praying for the chance to participate in it. Please be praying for provision as we look into what that trip will look like for me. I will let you know more details as we figure them out.

Please pray for me! These are my prayer requests:

  • That God would reveal what the next step is for me. Whether that is to stay here in Nebraska, or go back to Texas. I have been looking into some schools of worship as well as considering college and what that would look like. Please pray that God would reveal what the next step is for me in life.
  • A really big request is that I would be able to continue to build and uphold my core values. I have been writing down my core values: who I am as a man, as a son, as a friend, and as a future husband. I look at what the Bible says about me and I write down simple values and boundaries to uphold that. So just pray that I would continue to grow in my walk with Christ and better represent his love.

Thank you for your continued support, I love you all :)


If you wish to continue to invest in my journey, tax deductible checks can be made out to RMI. Please designate them to me, Aaron Jones.

Please send to:


4400 Pierce Dr.

Norfolk, NE 68701