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We want our kids to be happy at school. Learning and getting along with others are key to having a successful year. The students are settling in and it is now October. Sadly, there might be times when our child is in conflict with others, in class, in the hallway, on the bus or playground. Sometimes the conflict is with a teacher or we, as parents, may in conflict with other parents.

Below are helpful links and resources for you and your child to help you sort out and learn skills to deal with conflict concerns. Thank you.

ways getting along with others

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the links below offers good tips for you children...

problems with friendship

Most kids have problems with friendships from time to time so if you feel sad about this remember - lots of kids feel the same. If you are feeling left out and sad a lot of the time, tell mum or dad or your teacher and ask them to help you.

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out on a limb

Here is a good site for kids....

below are two helpful toolkits to check out for resources on all sorts of issues

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last month's parent flyer below...

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