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Ecuador has a variety of flora and fauna and to top it off its amazing weather it can go from nice and sunny with a small breeze or a shower of cooling amazon rain. In the tropics and coastal areas its cooler if you don't want to be in the heat all day or if you do want the heat the highlands or central parts are the place to be.

From its stunning landscapes to culture Ecuador has it all

Ecuadorians are known for their food they love it! and each restaurant they have has a large variety of choices of meat such as Pork, chicken, beef, and cuy (guinea pig) are popular in the mountainous regions, but if you're a vegetarian there is plenty of other foods to eat. But its not all about the food Ecuador is very famous for their music and festivals
a very common dance is the Marimba dance. But beside foods and festivals they also have a very low crime rate which is good because even though you probably shouldn't walk the streets at night but at least its safer

Some of our beautiful land features

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Travel and sights to see

For traveling to Ecuador the currency they use U.S dollars, so if your from the United States that should be easy for you. Also Ecuador's officials language is Spanish so that might be important to know. If you dont know Spanish there are parts of Ecuador speaks English also there are many places that you can learn Spanish if you'd like. For more information about traveling to Ecuador click the link below.

Ecuador is filled with activities to do and places to see but here are just a few that would be worth the money.

  • Cotopaxi
Cotopaxi is the second highest summit in Ecuador The volcano has one of the few equatorial glaciers in the world, which starts at the height of 5,000 meters

  • Banos
The small city of Baños lies at the foot of the active volcano Tungurahua. Baños is one of the most popular tourist spots in Ecuador (The thumbnail is a picture of Banos)

  • Tena
Situated in the Amazon rainforest region of Ecuador, for tourists, Tena serves as a launching point for jungle adventures.

  • Catedral Nueva, Cuenca
The colonial city of Cuenca is the third largest in Ecuador, popular for its year-round temperate climate. The New Cathedral of Cuenca, or “Catedral Nueva,” is the city’s most-recognizable landmark.