Tyrant's Treachery and Downfall

His Reign Ends!

His Crimes

The Tyrant known as Macbeth obtained the throne by usurping the throne by murdering the beloved king, Duncan. Many believe he did this because after his victory, it is said that 3 mysterious women had given him and banquo a prophecy. Most of what we haven't heard about was revealed by Macbeth's sleepwalking wife. Once he had dethroned the king, the killing did not cease, as he then hired two murderers to chase down Fleance and Banquo. Banquo had gotten killed, but Fleance, Banquo's son, luckily escaped.

However, Macbeth's foul, murderous treachery did not yet cease. After he had murdered Banquo, he sent men after Macduff's entire family. His wife, his son. Both killed by a cowardly man with a false crown.

His Downfall

The tyrant's reign of terror has fortunately ended quickly, not short of lost lives, however. Everyone was either against the tyrant, or too scared to oppose him. Macbeth the tyrant was seemingly insane at this point. According to his "peers", he had thought himself invincible. "That no man born of woman" could slay him. Over and over he had apparently chanted. He also refused any further reports from his scouts after one told him that the forest was moving. This however, was the king's son, Malcolm, disguising his approach to Dunsinane using the mask of the forest. Knowing that a great force was marching toward him, the tyrant had began making preparations and fortifying his castle.

The first one to confront the tyrant was Siward's son. Who he easily slew, almost as if putting down a dog. The tyrant was soon afterward cornered, pressed against the wall. Macduff had wanted to take revenge on the tyrant for the killing of his family. When he began spouting dribble about him being invincible to the blades of men, Macduff had stated that he was not born of woman, but ripped out of his mother's womb. Hearing this, the tyrant, like a coward, refused to fight. He did realize, however, that he could not escape his doom and fought to the death. Macduff had easily slain him and mounted his head on a pike.