The Jungle Book

Mrs. Knueven's Classroom Newsletter

Upcoming Events

11/17 Family Math Night

11/18 School Play

11/18 WhaleMobile

11/20 Science Test

11/20 Wordly Wise Lesson 6 Test

11/20 Evacuation Drill

11/24 Chapter 4 Math Test

11/25 Thanksgiving Break Begins

12/11 Indiana's 200th Birthday

12/18 November/December Book Report due

12/18 End of 2nd quarter

12/19 Winter Break Begins

Curriculum Corner


Today, we worked on our first supporting paragraph for our persuasive writing. I've enjoyed reading their ideas! Favorite foods, friends, and sports are common themes. We will work on our second supporting paragraph next week and will finish up the essays after Thanksgiving break.


This will be our last week in our culture and tradition unit. Most of the small group reading groups will be done with their books this week, although some may need time next week to finish. After Thanksgiving Break, we will begin another whole class novel, Sign of the Beaver. This ties in well to our current Indiana History curriculum as it is about a boy who builds a cabin with his father for their family. He is left to stay in the cabin while his father goes back for the rest of the family. The boy's survival skills are not the best until he meets and befriends a Native American boy who lives in nearby.

Language Arts

  • We are finishing up our study of verbs this week as practice linking verbs, helping verbs, and subject/verb agreement. We will learn about adverbs next week.
  • Wordly Wise lesson 6 test this Friday. 6C & 6D will be due Thursday. We will not do Wordly Wise next week.
  • We will continue working on Mountain Language.
  • Spelling quiz this Friday. Lists were sent home today.

Indiana History

**No Test Next Week**

I had originally planned to have our next Indiana History test next week. We were offered an amazing opportunity to visit the WhaleMobile this week, which is going to reduce the time we can spend on Indiana History. We will finish up the reading before break, but I am going to postpone the test until December 2.


We will be finishing our science unit with an in-class inquiry tomorrow. Our test will be this Friday, November 20. There is not a specific study guide for the test. The best way to study is with the ISTEP+ Practice Test at the back of the chapter and by reviewing the quizzes that they have taken in class and brought home. Those questions are very similar to the questions on the test. I told them they should start taking their books home every night this week so they have plenty of time to review, especially if the first test was difficult.


Our chapter 4 math test will be Tuesday, November 24. Study guides will go home on Wednesday.

Help Needed!

I have two events in December that will need some parent volunteers. The first is Indiana's Birthday on December 11. I will need help in the classroom while we make buttons and felt cardinals. The second is Biographies and Bagels on December 18. I could use help facilitating discussion groups and bringing in food that day. Afterward, we will have time for a game and/or craft. We will watch a movie in the afternoon. The sign up links are below.

Evacuation Drill this Friday

We will be holding an evacuation drill this Friday. For this drill, we will practice evacuating SGE completely and will walk to the Stonegate clubhouse.

A Busy Wednesday!

On Wednesday, we will be learning about whales and their habitat through the WhaleMobile. We are fortunate to have this opportunity! We also will be watching the school play in the afternoon. It will be a busy day of new learning experiences!

Hand Washing

Today, we had a nurse from St. Vincent visit our class to talk about hand washing. It's that time of year when colds and other bugs are starting to go around. The kids got to put a special lotion on their hands that made the germs glow under a black light. We have some A+ hand washers and some that now know what spots they have been missing!