Biome Taiga

Trace Martel

Biome Description

The Taiga is located between 50 degrees latitude north and the Arctic circle.


The low tempeture in the winter is -65*f the high winter is 30*f. The summer low is 20*f the high is 70*f.

Weather and Climate

The Taiga gets 30 inches of rain per year.


The Rocky Mountains are part of the Taiga.

Body's of water

Some body's of water in the Taiga are lakes, streams, and little ponds.


The trees in the Taiga include paper birch, willows, trembling aspen, tamarack, green alder, white spruce, balsam poplar, lodgepole pine, jack pine, dwarf birch, black spruce, and balsam fir.


The carnivores in Taiga include the black bear, lynx, and wolf are the only large carnivores to be found here; smaller carnivores are the red fox, ermine, and marten.


The large herbivores include woodland caribou, wood bison, moose, and barren ground caribou, while snow-show hare, red squirrel, arctic ground squirrel are some of the smaller herbivores.
Siberian(Amur) Tiger - The Undisputed King of Taiga.