Amy Ridgeway

seeking a full time elementary teaching position

Ready, set, let's GO!!

View my online video resume below.
Video resume

Instructional Assistant for Mayfield City School District

- Early Education Teaching License (PreK-3)

- Fundations Training

- Wilson Intensive Reading Training

- 3rd Grade Guarantee Reading Endorsement

Mayfield City Schools Video News Article

Click on the link below and check out what is new at Mayfield Schools. My three seconds of fame are the end of the video!

Center Elementary S.T.O.M.P.

What is S.T.O.M.P? Check out this video that Center Staff used to promote excellent hallway behavior. Goes to show that Center Staff is AWESOME!! I wish I could have taped the kids faces when they first saw this video. Teachers are cool after all!

What made me want to go into teaching?

When I was in First Grade, I had one of the best teachers! I would come home each afternoon and reteach everything to my stuffed animals in the basement with an old chalkboard hanging on the wall. When I finally had the opportunity to work with a student, the experience was HORRIBLE! My dreams were never shattered though, just challenged. I came back the next day with several tricks up my sleeve. He remains one of my favorites of all time. I learned that the classroom, and what we bring to it, MUST be well thoughtout, full of high energy, and meaningful each time we open the doors.

This year at Center Elementary, my heart has been able to capture many moments. Moments where connections were made and relationships were formed. I am so thankful to the Mayfield Family for letting me join their team this year. Can't wait to see what the future holds!

Picture- A window that I painted for my Wilson Instructor. A huge THANKS to Becky Malinas!! You're the best!

Let's Do This...

I am ready to be part of your team!! Please call or email me with any questions.