Its Not Right

Why People Are Persicuted in the world today

People are Persicuted in the morden world all the time. People who are Persicuted in the world today are useally people in poorer places or countries who have certain belives. Some people belive that only muslaim relgion people persicut other relgions, but all relgions persicut people. Persicution can take form in many cases, from beating, to more serious cases, killing.

A Church Attack

While worshiping in aferica, a small church was attacked by masked gun men who got out of a van and started shooting at the small church. The shooting lasted 20 minutes and then they left in the van. Many were injured in the attack and killed as well. The few that surrived were shocked and one surrivour who crawled out through a blockes door saw the men stand there and shoot. The whole church was destroyed and many familes where horrifed to find thier loved ones dead.