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Week of November 25th

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Welcome to the last week in November. I can't believe we are already wrapping up this month and heading into the crazy time of December. Wasn't it just 95* outside? I will be out of the office this week celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. I hope you enjoy your week, in whatever way you choose to spend your time. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are school holidays. Make the best of them!

Take care if you are traveling. Take care if you are staying close to home.



Progress GOALS

Please Remember

These are suggested goals to get you to your last day of school with a smile on your face:)

Coach to Coach Connect Session.

Here is the link if you missed the first session. Thanks you to Jennifer Grant and Bobbie Campbell for hosting.

Mark your calender!!!

Our next session will be December 16th at 2:00 PM EST ~ Topic will be reveled in my next newsletter.

Weekly Riddle

This week's riddle:

What Sound does a turkey's phone make?

Last Weeks: What do you call a pilgrims vocabulary?

Answer: Pilgrammer

A seasonal 'something'.

Make sure you visit our websites with parent permission. Have fun!

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