Weekly Newsletter

Bringing Literature to Life

This was an exciting week for our students. This week we based our conversations on books: their uses, parts, and importance. We learned how books are made and how to use ideas to create our own books.

The parade on Wednesday was a total success! Our children were proud to represent The Three Little Pigs. It means a lot to us that you were a part of it!

Awesome week! Check it out!


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The Library is one of the most important centers in our class. Children like sitting comfortably and reading books while sharing time with their friends. This week we included library cards and book check-out cards.

During this week kids foster their imagination with books by just looking at the pictures, learned letters by looking at them, practice their fine-motor skills by passing the pages, and so many important skills.

The Goodnight Train - Blocks

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Inspired in The Goodnight Train, children were given train tracks, carts and community houses to build a town.

Dr. Seuss Activities

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Dr. Seuss is such a classic! We built a center dedicated to 3 books: The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Blue Fish Red Fish, and Ten Apples on Top.

  • Can you make a pattern for Dr. Seuss' hat?
  • Can you stack 10 apples on top?
  • Can you place, count and quantify fish in a fish tank?

If you give a mouse a cookie -Toys and Games

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This is one of my favorite books! It was fun to read in our class. We used the main character and props from the Doll House to practice some spatial awareness. We also included math and fine motor skills activities in centers.

  • Can you match the number with the right cookie? Count the chips on top!
  • Can you add the chips to the cookies to match the number on top?
  • How many cookies in the cookie jar?

Can you make your own book?

Bringing Literature to Life Parade

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Hardware Shop

We created a Hardware Shop in the Dramatic Center. Children loved the Buildings Units so much we wanted to them to keep on enjoying it. They used different fine motor games to create amazing things; they built slides, ramps and roller coasters; they interacted as salesperson and costumers; and practiced writing skills by taking orders.

Mystery Readers

Upcoming Unit- Pets

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Parent Teacher Conferences

As of today you are all able to schedule your time for the Parent Teacher Conferences that will take place on April 6-7th. Be aware that the time slots are of 15 minutes and we will do our best to meet in that time. If you feel you need more time with me or have a very hard time meeting on those dates, please let me know and we can arrange our meeting in a different moment. Make sure to sign-in as soon as possible!

On Wednesday April 6th students leave at the regular time and on Thursday April 7th students will not be attending school due to the fact that teachers will be busy meeting with parents.

Spring Break

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School will be closed from March 21st-25th due to Easter Break. As a Home-School Connection, we wold like invite you to talk about Pets. You can look at pictures, watch videos, make drawings so they can come and share when we come back from the break.

Bake Sale

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March 31st and April 1st 4th grade students will have a Bake Sale. All money that is raised in this event, will go to Operation Smile. We will send out more details on Monday 28th