The Timber Wolf Times

September 7th Edition


"B" Week

Guidance: Kellett, Schultz, Vanduser, Fischer, Perry

Library: Kellett, Peters, Robb, Enders

PLCs: Thursdays during common planning (art/library)in conference room

LST - Tuesday beginning at 1:30 Nelson, Enders, Kellett

Christina to cover classes.

Independence and Responsibility

This week we want students to be able to walk in from the playground without their parents assistance. Our job is to foster independence and responsibility in all our students. Parents are expected to say their good-byes outside and students enter the building with their class. This includes our 4K students as well.

Great First Week!!!

Thank you all for a wonderful and successful first week.

Daily Schedule

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 8:30am

Due to Donna via email

PBIS Assembly

Please follow schedule for assembly and rotation sent out by Michelle Robb.

PTO News

The first PTO meeting is Tuesday in the cafeteria at 6:30pm.

  • PTO meetings are the second Tuesday of each month.

PTO will begin selling popcorn starting Tuesday for 50cents.

AVMR Testing

Hello Taft Teachers!

I wanted to give you a heads-up on AVMR testing at Taft. I will be testing all first grade, new students with concerns, and previous Tier 3 and Tier 2 supportive math students within these next two weeks. I will have the students all assessed on September 15 in order to begin grouping and meeting with students as soon as possible. I will try to work with your schedules, but I wanted you all to be aware that with so many students who need to be tested, I will have to pull students during specials. I wanted to say thank you so much for your support, and I ask that we all be patient with this process.

Again, thank you!

Crystal Bissing

A Note from Our Math Coach

This year I would like to share with you a little bit about the Common Core Mathematical Practices. I will share with you all what the practices are, and a few tips on how to incorporate them in your classrooms. The first Mathematical Practice in Common Core states that students should make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. One great idea to ensure every student is “persevering” is to move away from hand raising for a correct answer, to a “quiet thumb” signal. Often children stop thinking when they see several hands raised, reinforcing their misconception that they are not good at math because they are not fast. The quiet thumb practice requires students to bring their hand to their chest and just raise a thumb when they have the answer, allowing others quiet think time, keeping all students engaged and learning... “I can’t do this!” “Can’t you just show me how?” “I don’t get it!” We have all heard these phrases of frustration during class, but how can we teach perseverance in math? The website We Are Teachers has identified 5 great ways to increase student confidence and perseverance. These 5 suggestions are:

  1. Model your own problems solving strategies

  2. Use anchor charts

  3. Do think-pair-share

  4. Offer manipulatives

  5. Try math journaling

Success begins with believing they can achieve!

Emergency Procdures

Each room should have a page protector with red and green emergency classroom procedures hanging in your room. You should also have a tornado route and a fire drill route posted by your door (Enders, you will need to post by both doors.) If you need any of these three items please let Donna know ASAP. Review tornado and fire drill with your class. More specifics on lockdowns will come in the next update

Employee Policy Manual

Below is the link to electronically sign that you have read the Employee Policy Handbook. This is Due by September 15th.

Electronic Signature

Calendar of Events - new items in bold

9/7 - Labor Day (no school)

9/8 - PBIS kick-off

Goal Tm meeting@3:20, library

PTO meeting 6:30 in cafeteria

9/9 SWIS training for PBIS 3:30-5:30, location TBD


9/25 - PLD day for staff

9/30 - picture day

Staff meeting@3:20 in library

This Week on Duty - Thank you for keeping our Timberwolves safe

AM Duties

  • AM playground - Khols, Payne, Buschman, King
  • AM 4K - Ferkel

PM Duties

  • PM 4k- Ferkel
  • Bus riders/lot - Khols
  • Bike rack, Claire side - Buschman
  • Bike rack, Western side - Pritzel/Lobermeier
  • Crosswalk Clair - Bissing
  • Crosswalk Western - Bonikowske
  • 3-5 playground - Steinke
  • Hallways - King (back hall), Payne (front hall)
  • Sidewalk (Western side) - Brookins -M/T/W; Mast -W/F; TBA -R
  • Sidewalk (Claire side) - Paiser-Wilson -M; Mueller -T/R; Marhzahl -W; TBA -F
  • Sidewalk (Western side) for the week of 9/1/15 - Robb

Taft Mission

Our mission is to support Taft families in their journey toward academic, social, and emotional success within a safe environment. As a team, we will guide, support, and provide direction to empower one another to become lifelong learners and respectful members of a community.