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Yemen History

Yemen is one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Near East. Its relatively fertile land and adequate rainfall in a moister climate helped sustain a stable population. Between the 12th century B.C and the 6th century C.E it was dominated by six successive civilizations which rivaled each other, or were allied with each other and controlled the lucrative spice trade. Yemen became part of the Muslim realm.

Yemen Landforms

Stretching from northern Syria to Mozambique, the Great Rift Valley is a 6,000-kilometre trench in the Earth and one of the planet’s most outstanding geological features. In Kenya, the valley is at its deepest north of Nairobi, where the Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort affords spectacular views over Lake Naivasha, Mount Longonot and the Aberdare Mountain Range. The Rift Valley offers golfers a real feeling of being in Africa, a spectacularly peaceful setting, and the perfect base for adding a longer wildlife safari to your itinerary.

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The Great Rift Valley

Yemen Foods

Yemen foods and people are called Yemeni foods and Yemeni people.
Zahaweg Sana'ani: a spicy sauce made from fresh tomatoes, hot green pepper and spices.

Yemeni food is strong influenced by the Turkish, Indian and Arab cuisine. Here are the main traditional dishes:

Zahaweg Jobn: a spicy sauce made from fresh tomatoes, hot chilly, spices and Yemeni goat cheese.

“We believe that faith is the cure that heals all troubles.” ― Paul Torday, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Yemen Sanaa Old Town Unesco Heritage by Edgar Ueberschlag