Fruit Survey

The results of a survey about fruit.

Students were asked to rank their favorite fruits of the choices give.

The options were:






Here are the results.

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The most favorite fruits were...

The least favorite fruits were...

Election Process How To

To find a plurality winner you must figure out which of the choices was voted first the most amount of times.

To find a majority winner you must first find the plurality winner. After doing that, you must total up all of the votes. If the plurality winner was first fifty percent of the time or more, than it is the majority winner.

To find the Borda Count winner you give points to the choices. For example if option A got first out of five options, then you give it 5 points for every time it got first. Every time it got second you give it 4 points, 3 points for every time it got third, 2 points for every time it got fourth and 1 point for each time it got fifth. The choice with the most points is the winner.

To find the Run Off winner you first must cross off the options that were the least favorite except for the top two. Then you distribute the points upwards and re total them. Out of the top two choices the one with the most points is the winner.

To find the Sequential Run Off you eliminate the least favorite option and redistribute the points. Then you eliminate the next least favorite and redistribute the points. This continues until you only have one choice left, and that one is the winner.

I personally believe that the Borda Count method best represents the winner, because it not only takes in consideration of what was first most often, but also what was last most often.