Dessert Fundraiser!!

Come hear about what God's doing all over the world!!!!!!

Here's what's happening!

Surprise!! I'm moving to Kona, Hawaii to serve as a full-time missionary with Youth With a Mission. This has been an amazing journey the past couple years, discovering my purpose and calling. Come eat some yummy treats and hear all about where God is leading me, and what He's doing in my life!

Here's where we'll be:

Monday, Nov 26th, 7pm

3000 South Wadsworth Boulevard

Denver, CO

This is your time to ask me questions, hang out, pray, and find out how you can be a part of what God is doing all over the world! It's just a time to relax and get excited about Jesus together...I will be sharing at about 7:20pm probably other than that it's pretty much and open house. Ends at around 9pm.

Here's how it's gonna go down...

7pm--- Hang out, look at pictures, have fun, eat snacks, listen to music....etc...etc....

7:20-ish pm--- I will share about London, how God's been leading me in the past couple years, and why I am moving to Kona!

7:45 or thereabouts pm--- You get to ask questions and we get to pray together!

After that--- More food, more fun, more chatting and enjoying fellowship. :)