Netiquette Rules

How to be sensible online

What Is Netiquette?

Digital etiquette or netiquette are some do's and dont's of how to act sensibly online, like how react when somebody says something good or bad online. Netiquette aren't actual rules like laws but more like manners and common sense. This wil tell you what not to do when blogging, texting and other ways of communication over the internet

The Dont's Of Chatting Online

*Do not write or post anything that might offend or make someone uncomfortable. Don't say anything you wouldn't say in real life. You can bully on the internet which is called "cyberbullying".

*Never have a false identity to be rude. On many social networking sites you can make a fake identity which you can be mean on without them seeeing who it was this is called being "anonymous". There is no point in doing this because police can track the computer you use.

*Don't write anything in ALL CAPITALS because it might look like your yelling. A simple joke might look like an offensive comment. For example:

Tim: What did the teacher say about the homework? Bob: YOU SMELL!

*Be sensible when writing emails "C U L8R" might be acceptable when texting a friend but when sending your teacher an email with a link to your home work... not so much.

*Don't post any pictures of people without their permission, they might not want those photographs to be shown to the internet. Make sure that no one can find your personal pictures and use them for advertising or other stuff