Spring Newsletter

Fine Arts & PE

The joy you bring to our students!

Dear Fine Arts & PE Teams,

It is hard to believe that we are in the last part of the year. I hope that everyone has a chance to relax over spring break, and recharge your batteries. This is my last year with true "mommy" time for spring break, as Thomas will start public school next year and I will have a buddy home with me for our days off. I love my son, but I love mommy time as well and will miss it greatly.

Once again it is my pleasure to share some of our district Fine Arts and PE events with you. From Fine Arts weeks to Dodgeball for Diabetes, you have all been very busy with large scale performances, and projects for our students and community. Thank you for all you do to enrich the educational environment for our students! It is such a joy to watch the kids go through the learning process to prepare for these events. I appreciate how open your classrooms are to my random visits. The shows are spectacular, and your classroom projects/products are amazing for our kids!

Happy Spring Break!


Fitness Testing Update

Thank you PE Teachers!

A big thank you needs to go to our PE teachers! You have been the model team for embracing changes that are coming from the State level, and I cannot thank you enough for your help and support here. From TJ, who brought this up to us in August, to Erin who supported my learning curve during the "Pump Up PE" training, you have all been a huge help in learning about this ISBE mandate.

Your timeliness for replying to emails was greatly appreciated! Also, our ability to efficiently collaborate on common testing decisions, really shows why you are a high functioning team.

Thank you so much!

Attea presents "Shrek Junior"

The March performances of "Shrek Junior" at Attea were marvelous! From the acting, and the costumes, to the singing, it was a wonderfully produced musical that featured the very best from our students. My date to the show was my son Thomas, and he didn't move during the performance, a true accomplishment. It was a show that touched an audience of all ages, and we are appreciative of Debby, Sara, Maura, and Leanne's efforts in putting this all together for our students. Bravo!

Glen Grove performs "Tom Sawyer"

Congratulations to Nancy, Eileen, and Val on a wonderful production of "Tom Sawyer." The students did a fantastic job! The production value of the show demonstrates how hard you work to provide students with a challenging experience that prepares them for middle school music, art, and drama. The curricular connections throughout "Tom Sawyer" were flying off the stage. It was simply outstanding! Thank you for all you do!

"Tom Sawyer" Clip #2

5th Grade Visits to Attea and Springman

It is that time of year when our fifth graders visit the middle schools, and get to experience the world of sixth grade for a brief moment. Our BOC teachers have been hard at work on recruiting for next year, and this day was the first time that our fifth graders were able to hear middle school ensembles perform. Everyone sounded wonderful, and the teachers and students created a very welcoming environment for our fifth grade visitors!

Bergman Beats Bullying

We all know that Bergman never takes on small tasks, well once again she has focused on conquering an issue that impacts many of our students, bullying. Our Springman Drama students have been writing scripts that focus on the many situations and issues with bullying in middle school. The scripts are then acted out, and recorded on the ipad for a final product. GBS has learned about this project and is coming to work with our students to learn more about it. Thank you Laila for developing an engaging project that teaches children how to work through the hard situations they sometimes battle.

The Best Little Theater in Glenview

Our 4th grade show at Pleasant Ridge was called "The Best Little Theater in Glenview." The professionalism of these students was outstanding to see. They performed with great energy and excitement for each skit, and they sang beautifully. Thank you to Becky, Sara, and Elissa! It was a packed house, and the parents were all smiles as they watched the show with one arm in the air holding their iphone to record their child. Bravo Pleasant Ridge!
Big image

The Hoffman School of Schoology

Okay, so that might not have been what it was called, but Sue Dobias offered a fantastic class for our parent community on how to use Smart Music and Schoology. She worked the room quickly as parents asked "How do I open that app?" "How can I do what my kid does?" I think it evolved into so much more than she had planned, but the door she opened for our parents will never be closed. Thank you Sue for giving these parents the tools they need to support their child's learning at home!

Springman presents "Hairspray"

The February production of "Hairspray Junior" was a great success! The students were outstanding, and clearly loved being back in the 1960s. Bravo to Tracie and John for putting it all together, and bringing the script to life. I saw the daytime show with our Glen Grove students, and they were quite the captivated audience. What a great experience for all!

Westbrook Fine Arts Show

Bravo Westbrook! Our students could not have sounded, looked, or danced better! The dynamic set design, the singing, the dancing and movements, were wonderful. Congratulations Karen, Linda, and Kristen on a triumphant show. Thank you for providing such a great arts experience for our kids.

PTA Supports Drama!

With PTA financial support Kristen Durning was able to purchase a beautiful new carpet for the Henking drama room. Her students can work on observing their personal space with the grid on the carpet, and enjoy the vibrant classroom that this carpet has created. Below you can see the students working on body transformation in class with nothing but smiles for this new fixture in the classroom. Great job Kristen!

GEF Recital Night

Thank you to our Band, Orchestra, and Choir team for creating another fantastic GEF recital night for our kids. The Elgin Symphony Orchestra ensembles sounded wonderful, and were a great addition to the night. We had 540 kids participate in the night from PR, GG, HO, SP, and AT, outstanding job to all!