Cudworth Family History Group

Build Your Family Tree

Join our friendly self-help Group and travel back in time

With access to the school's IT suite, there are plenty of computers to search the internet for your ancestors and find when, where and how they lived

Every Tuesday (during term time), 9.30am-noon at Milefield Primary School, Grimethorpe

WARNING: This pastime can be seriously addictive!

Try your first session for free, then the subscription is a nominal £1.50/session
We have access to numerous genealogical sites, including some paid ones.

Will I be able to do it?
If you can find your way round a PC, there's nothing to stop you.

What if I find something bad in my family?
It will be unusual NOT to find a skeleton in your family's cupboards.

Where to find us?

Please park in the lane, outside school and walk through the pedestrian entrance to reception and ask for us.