March O2 News

Memories in Motion Team Updates

Ah-Mazing Month!

Hello my fabulous designers! March was definitely a stellar month for our team, with SO much goodness happening! We brought in new members, we hit crazy CTV (central team volume) and we had some exciting promotions!! This month's newsletter is going to be jam-packed with lots of recognition, incentives and GREAT information.

First and foremost, I want to welcome three new designers to the team. They have all hit the ground running, and are on their way to becoming super successful!
  • Carol Saber was brought in by the mother/daughter team of Amy and Blaire. Carol had a very successful launch party in March, and also signed her first recruit!
  • Carolena Mork is one of my best friends, and who better to have on my team? She held her launch party a week ago, and has already gotten great sales and jewelry bars booked, even before the party has closed!
  • Terri Morse is another dear friend of mine, and is (not-so-patiently) waiting for her kit, which will be delivered tomorrow! Her launch party is scheduled for next Sunday, and I know she will be fantastic!

That brings me to some very exciting news...Soar to Success! This program is so fantastic, and anyone who came on board after March 1st is eligible to participate. There are incentives for achieving $500 in PV (personal volume) each 30 days for the first 90 days of your business. The great thing is, any new designers coming on board will also have this opportunity, so it has become easier than ever to recruit new team members! Check out the flyer for all of the information:

Next, we have to recognize some serious March ROCK STARS! Team participation in March was amazing (17-19 designers had PV), but there were a few ladies who deserve kudos for their hard work and outstanding PV.
  1. Carol Saber $1154.70
  2. Heidi Von Mayr $1024.60
  3. Janelle Cunningham $941.10
  4. Jennifer Wellborn $749.00
Fantastic job, ladies!!

Not only was March a great month for PV, it was also a great month for promotions!
  • Carol Saber promoted to Lead Designer
  • Amy Robinson/ Blaire Krakowitz promoted to Team Leader
  • I became your fearless Senior Team Leader :)
Promoting is the BEST way to grow your business and your paycheck!

Now, on to some VERY exciting news (as if we haven't had enough??)! The Mother's Day supplement was revealed yesterday, and it is FABULOUS! If you haven't seen the reveal video yet, you have to stop reading this and go watch it NOW!

You can purchase supplemental flyers for $5/25, and they are available NOW. The order number is SA7006. If you want to combine orders, post on the Team Hoot FB page and we can try to get a bulk order in for designers who leave near each other.

I can't close this newsletter without reminding you all of the O2 Experience, coming July 25-26th in Phoenix. This will be the 2nd Annual National Origami Owl Convention, and if it is anything like last year, it is going to be off the chain!! Tickets are $250, and this event WILL sell out. They have 5,000 seats available for over 60,000 designers, so don't wait until the last minute to get your ticket! Once you see all of the free loot you get, plus training that will take your business to the next level, you will be glad you invested in yourself. Register here:

With that my lovelies, I need to get some much needed sleep! I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and a fantastic April! This is your month to shine, so let's DO WORK!



Kerry Cowen, Origami Owl Independent Designer and Senior Team Leader