Cigarettes kill


The earlier you become addicted to cigarettes, the deeper the addiction is. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is a highly addictive. After a short time using cigarettes, your brain craves nicotine and tells you, you are unable to function properly without nicotine in your body. Smoking causes you to be sick when you're old but also when you are young. The biggest risk that comes with smoking is the chance that you will develop lung cancer. Cigarettes contain tar and many other chemicals which are cancer causing agents. Because smoking is addictive, you are not choosing whether you are going to smoke or not, you are choosing if you are going to become a smoker or not.


The tobacco industry wants you, your health, and your money. There goal is to get you addicted while you are young, so that it will take more to get you out of your addiction later in life. If you have an addiction, tell someone you love and try to stop. If you can not successfully stop then you should look for help at a treatment center,