Instructional Tech Talk

October 2018 Issue 3

Integration - FAIL (First Attempt At Learning)

First, I’d like to thank those teachers who asked me to come into their classrooms for tech integration and those who have allowed me to go in and try alternative tech tools. I’ve had fun getting in and working with you and your students!

We’ve had a roller-coaster time with tech integration. Trying new things or putting new tools in students’ hands does not always work out the way we anticipate. We had many learning opportunities this week through the failures we encountered. Oh, we definitely failed! Yet, all the projects still managed to get done, and students received new avenues for expressing themselves and demonstrating their learning! We absolutely modeled for students how you use perseverance, determination, and trial & error to achieve success after initial “fails.” Our work led to excellent student work being produced, learning new things, standards being met and laughing along the way! I’m looking forward to more!!

If you are interested in collaborating, please reach out to me if you have ideas about how we can work together.

This month we will also start offering workshops again thought the WTRC. If you have any requests for workshops, please submit a brief response to the form found near the end of this newsletter.

Tech Integration Highlights

Highlights from our Parent Tech Night

Tech Tip of The Week

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