The Jungle Beat

Mrs. Allen's K-Learners /October 14, 2016

Our mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create.

News and Notes

Parents-Thank you for such an enjoyable conference day. I enjoyed meeting with each and every one of you. Several of you even brought me snacks which helped me make it to the evening time slots. Our first field trip was amazing! We had plenty of extra hands and we needed all of them. It was a beautiful day! Many thanks go to the Lassiter family for hosting us and even providing snacks. I hope you enjoy the newsletter this week.

Bee Project Update

"Why are there bees on our playground?"

The learners answering their question has led us to...

Think-Field Observation

I am still amazed that our learners got to have first hand experiences with honey bees. Several held a bee and many ventured close to the hive. Please take a few minutes and watch the video with your learner. The video is long but it will be time well spent.

Innovate-Bee Hive/Honey Store

Our learners have officially turned our dramatic play area into a bee hive farm/honey store. This is now my all time favorite dramatic play area! Be sure to look in the Learning Areas section of the newsletter to see more of what the learners are doing in this center.

Create-Bee/Wasp Models

Thank you all so much for providing the supplies for the learners to begin making models of bees and wasp. As learners make their models they are researching to find out about the different body parts. The most interesting to them so far is that bees have five eyes.
Field Observation-Bee Hives

Writing for a Purpose

The book fair gave us an authentic purpose for writing. I had such a wonderful time watching your learners thoughtfully consider what they wanted to write on their list. Next time you are making a shopping list, consider having your learner write it for you. Making list is a great authentic need and purpose for writing.
Writing for a Purpose 2

Writers Workshop

We set writing goals for the first time this week. This is one way we encourage learners to take ownership of learning. On Friday we had our very first "publishing party." This is a time of celebrating each other as authors and illustrators. After reading their book, feedback was given by learners such as "I like..." and "Next time think about... ." My plans are to have you come to our next publishing party sometime in December. I think you will be in for a real treat!
Publishing Party-October

Learning Areas

Dramatic Play

The Honey Express (this is what the leaners have named our dramatic play area) opened this week! Two learners at a time are allowed in the actual Bee Hive Farm/Honey store. While only two may be allowed in the center, from the pictures you can tell that the entire class has managed to participate. As the two learners enter the area, using their own negation skills, one becomes the bee keeper and one starts managing a store that sells honey. Other learners in the room line up to buy honey. They then take the honey with them as they go to other centers. Periodically, I would notice a learner opening their mouth and pretend to be dripping honey onto their tongues. Then they would jump up from what they were doing to go back to the Honey Express and buy another bottle. This is not at all what I had envisioned for this area. The learners play has happened so organically. Below is an article that discusses the benefits and need for dramatic play areas.

The Honey Express

Book Area

Even though we have finished all the Mercy Watson books, the learners continue to go to the book area to enjoy them independently. Fostering a love of reading is vital! Thank you again for purchasing these much loved books. We also send Miss Smith a huge "thank you!" She purchased a copy of the sequel to the Mercy Watson series for us to enjoy.


Manipulatives are important for many reasons. Most consider them primarily beneficial for fine motor development. While this is important, what to me seems to be of equal importance is literally what the learner manipulates the pieces to be.
Interestingly I had the same set of manipulatives last year. No one last year really seemed interested in these snap pentagon shapes. This group of learners love them. On Friday several learners began manipulating them into letters.

New Game

Thank You Andrew! He purchased a very needed game from our Amazon Wishlist. The game will help us with uppercase and lowercase alphabet recognition skills. Everyone is so excited!

School-Home Connection

Parents-this has become one of the my favorite sections of our newsletter! I am so thankful you share with me the "work" your child is doing at "home." Please continue to send me these moments so I can share them with others.
After our field trip, this leaner becomes a "bee keeper." This is such a great example of evidence of learning. This learner used what he observed on our field trip and applied it as he played. Take note that he replicated being a bee keeper by being innovative with things he had around his home to make a bee keeper suit. Jean Piaget is quoted as saying “Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.”
One learner recently went home and replicated our class web about "Bees." Webbing is a type of a graphic organizer. Here are two links to articles about the benefits of graphic organizers.

What's Coming Up

Oct 17-21 This week we will begin writing "How To" books. We will use Charlie Needs a Cloack as a mentor text. We will also enjoy seasonal books such as The Apple Pie Tree and Apples and Pumpkins.

Oct 24-28th Please send an apple with your learner to school on Monday, October 24th. We will spend the week sorting and graphing our favorite apples. We would also like a class pumpkin for us to use for many seasonal math activities. If you could donate one to our class we need it by October 31st.

We will use apples to help us work with the standard Classify objects into given categories; count the number of objects in each category, and sort the categories by count. (Limit category counts to be less than or equal to 10.) [K-MD3]

Sight Words

Sight Words:

First Set: I, a, go, play, you, to, me, my, the, can, am

Oct 17 Return Library Books

Oct 18 Mr. Matt from Pike Road Library

Oct 21 Fire Prevention School Activity

Oct 28 Class Mercy Watson Celebration (more information to come)

Nov 16 Pete the Cat

Amazon Wish List

Parents-hank you for investing in our learning. Your child enjoys bringing in the items you have purchased and sharing them with the other learners. I have updated our classroom wish list that includes new book titles, an apple sorting game, a number bug game and 3D shapes. Thank you for your constant support.

Scholastic Book Order

Below is the link to the online ordering code for scholastic book club. This is a great way to get quality literature for your learner. The letter explains a little more in detail about the process. Every order placed earns free books for our classroom library. I will occasionally send home a paper flyer. This will just be for you to use a guide to what books are available. You will need to place all orders online. I will not be collecting money to mail in orders. Orders will need to be placed by the date indicated. I will then process all orders at one time. Books will be delivered to the school and sent home with learners. I love scholastic book club. I hope you will find it to be a great resource for helping your learner love reading.

PTA Membership

Parents I hope you will consider joining PTA! We need your support. Below are membership forms.

Breakfast/ Lunch

Pizza Option

Parents as of right now we will not be participating in the pizza option.


Wednesday: Chick-fil-A @ lunch (chicken sandwich and/or nuggets) - $3.75 OR COMBO: sandwich, small water, snack - $5.00

No Nancy's Italian Ice

We will not be purchasing slushies.


Please consider only sending one snack to be eaten during snack time.