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Summer Writing May 2015

The summer count down has begun, so let's help parents keep students from getting bored or falling behind. Many times we focus on having our students read plenty during the summer months, which is very important. However, why not have your students read and write as well.

When students criss-cross their explorations of topics with writing and reading, they will often be motivated to learn, be mobilized to access their own thoughts and be in a position to discover and evaluate what they themselves understand. (NCTE)

Writing, End of school year reflection...

It is said that, reflective practice is the heart of a growing teacher. I think this is true not only in teaching but in ones life as well. Without reflection, we stagnate. Writing strengthens reflective practice. Take some time to write a reflection from this year. Some of us may just begin writing, while others want more direction. This is where I am today. I need some direction, some guidance in focusing my thoughts. So I’m going to complete just a handful of statements, with the purpose of growing in my understanding and practice. Below are some statements you can use to start your reflection.

  • I learned…
  • I was stretched by….
  • I am excited about…
  • I’m beginning to realize…
Second Grade Information Writing (Forces and Motion)

May Schedule & Reminders

  • May 12th STAAR Testing
  • May 15th Field Day
  • May 18th Literacy Meeting (All Day)
  • May 20th Student Book Launch Responses, due to me.
  • May 21st Classroom Writing Inventory(books, bins, etc...)
  • May EOY Writing Samples, scored & placed in Academic Folders.